UX Design and Research

Architecture, experience and visual design derived from client and end-user consultation

Home Depot: Decking
Working within design standards. Design from client/end-user interviews, wireframing, extensive responsive testing.
UTHSC: The Secret of Seven Stones
Onsite UX research with parents and children, game loop design, writing and art direction.
Wearable technology; design based on three separate personas. A successful product launch.
Both an identity project and a tablet application with a unique use case.
blacQube: The AMG Experience
UX and visual design for a 22 vehicle luxury fleet desktop and tablet experience.
H.G. Christie: Bahamas Real Estate Portal
Design from client and end-user interviews, wireframing, extensive responsive testing.
Tv Insider
Design from client/end-user interviews, wireframing, extensive responsive testing, offshore design team management.
ViiV: HIVPro
Campaign thematics, design from provided wireframes for web and mobile.

Responsive Web, Mobile and Tablet Apps

App and web design for multiple resolutions, liquid layouts, phone and tablet specs

Savannah College of Art and Design
A concept design comissioned by the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Car Genie
A convenience app for automotive reminders, record keeping and service station geolocation.
A fun geocaching app for discovering new places.
Fortis: Video Player App
A simple video player app that introduces potential career choices.
Mellow Mushroom
Design for a iPhone/Android Game and
Promotional Website.
Camel Beast House
Mobile web concepts for a Camel promotion.
Pfizer Animal Health Calculators
Tablet apps for Pfizer field reps.
More Mobile Stuff
Various other mobile designs.

Interactive Media

Complex scene compositing, motion scripting and graphics, sound design

Verizon: Star Trek Sponsorship
2009 Bronze Local (Atlanta) Addy Winner
I was one of two senior designers on this project doing shell design, background compositing, Flash animation and banners.
Coke: Cascal Soda
ActionScript coding and design for
an emerging brand from Coke.
Latin Grammy Awards
Lead designer and Flash animator for 2010 Latin Grammy awards project.
Cetaphil: June Ezine
Design for dynamic site catering to multiple age and gender demographics. Flash programming.
ING: Interactive Tour
A conceptual piece designed for
ING Retirement Solutions.
SAT Remix
Design and programming for a fun SAT prep tool that can be accessed from any cell phone.
BWW: SCVNGR Challenge
Design for a SCVNGR landing page.
Volvo: C70 Touchscreen Kiosk
Design and development of a kiosk application. Procurement of suppliers and design of kiosk.

Interactive For Social

Facebook apps, Twitter backgrounds, avatars

10 Cane Rum
Design of a drink spinner system with
tracked using Google Analytics for Flash.
Coke: Sokenbicha Teas
Facebook and Twitter design and coding
for one of Coke's experimental brands.
Fox: Jumper Facebook App
Facebook app design for a recent
Hollywood action film.
Coke: Mello Yello Smooth Quiz
Design and ActionScript coding for a Facebook quiz application.

Rich Media Advertising

IAB standard adherence, quick turnaround design and programming, user tracking

Jim Beam: Hornitos Tequila
Design, ActionScript programming, user tracking and placement through PointRoll.
Maybelline: MyColor Advisor
Design, streaming video incorporation for rich media advertisement.
Coke: Holiday
2007 Addy Award finalist. Design, coding, and placement through PointRoll.
Verizon Telco: FIOS
Moxie's highest clickthrough banner for 2009.
Design, Flash buildout.

Fun Stuff

Things worth mentioning

Volvo C30 Debut App
ActionScript coding and design for a bizzarely
effective USB drive application in Flash.
Verizon: Business Wall
Design for video to be incorporated into an interactive kiosk end-cap.
Some sketches I did in my teens to present. I love black and white, and use color very carefully for subtle enhancments, if at all.
My Coke Rewards: Logo Design
A rare opportunity to design a logo.